What culture means to me.

 The Orange LAECG, President, Mary Croaker invited all schools in the Orange community who have JAECG leader to attend the JAECG workshop, with support from the
VERTO Indigenous Service and Burraga Foundation to create stories for storylines they all arranged to meet at the Orange Aboriginal Medical service.

A big group of kids in the Orange Community of Schools came together and were asked the question: ‘What does culture mean to you?’
This what they feel.

What culture means to me.

Be proud and learn more about who I am.
Stories being passed down.
Be proud of who I am and where I am from.
Learning about Art, Language, living in the past.
Family, History, Dreamtime stories.
RESPECT: Elders, myself, other and history.

Thanks to all the great leaders in the Orange Community.

Story Submitted by Melinda Brown from Storylines Published in 2024.